Meet The Team

Ryne Cooper

Ryne Cooper has over 15 years experience when it comes to video production and capturing images to tell a story. Ryne has competed on the national level when it comes to video & photography. Ryne is passionate about connecting people and telling their story.  If you have a unique idea you want to explore then Ryne is your guy.  He's always exploring new applications for his craft. Ryne has been a Waukesha Photographer and only takes appointments on a limited basis. Ryne's work has been featured in national print publications as well on major broadcast networks  for shows with 25+ Million unique viewers per month 

"I'm incredibly passionate about people and their stories. The ways in which we can tell a story or capture an image are limited only by our imaginations."

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Stephanie Gauthier

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining client relationships. Being a natural listener, and having a creative center puts her at the helm of the ship; leading us to genuine relationships, that help 'you,' the client be heard, get what you want, and capitalize on her creative flair.  


"I seek to not only retain your business, but in addition gain your appreciation and confidence in our work. I will guide you through your process with ease, honesty, and diligence.  I work to make your experience comfortable, efficient, and timely. I look forward to seeing how we can grow together! "

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